My new planner for 2018


For next year (2018) I was searching for a while already to find a good planner, I need one with enough space to write the appointments down from my husband and myself. I searched a bit on the internet and found some good planner but the price of €50,00 was way to high for a one year planner. Then I found some nice planners like the purpuz planner, masha planner and the hobbit planners. I […]

30 December 2017

Dr van der Hoog Avocado mask

Beauty, Health, Shopping

It is a while ago I applied myself at Dr van der Hoog, since I am a big fan of face masks this is the perfect panel for me to apply to. You have to answer a few questions so they know what your skintype is and you only recieve the products that fits to your skintype. The first mask I recieved from Dr van der Hoog is a crememask avocado, this mask is for […]

28 December 2017

Pupa Milano Golden Top Coat

Beauty, Shopping

On the 14th December I was at the cocktail event of Care Cosmetics who took place at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. This was the first time I got to visit an event of them because it’s not that long ago I applied myself on their press list. I was very proud I got an invite because I am not a beauty blogger for so long yet. I took my niece with me and I […]

26 December 2017

Coffee bodyscrub

Beauty, Health, Shopping

I already had this coffee scrub for a while in house, luckily I went from one times a week blogging already to three times a week because otherwise this product would still be in line for someowhere next year and that would be a waste of all the beautifull products still waiting to be reviewed. There are 4 different kinds in total: Amandeloil coffeescrub Kokosoil coffeescrub Peppermint coffeescrub Vanilla coffeescrub Sadly my Kruidvat store didn’t […]

23 December 2017

Garnier Volcano mask

Beauty, Health, Shopping

Actually I’ve had a different blog planned for this Thursday, a review about the three selfiemasks, but I’ve decided to replace that because I couldn’t make it to try out 3 different mask on Monday for Thursday. I want to review them all in one blog. The review will definitly appear soon but for now I chosen a different one. Afcourse Thursday is a mask blogday (is that even a word?) It is now! Garnier […]

21 December 2017