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Beauty, Health / Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

First of all I would like to wish y’all a Merry Christmas, 2017 flew by very fast and was a very moving year for me with lots of emotions and events. My planning was to start blogging again in 2018 and I am so happy I took this step already in Oktober 2017. Actually I thought of blogging about a throwback to last year, but thinking back to a lot of stuff made so much emotions loose so I decided to wait writing about his. I am starting revalidation soon and I want to write a blog when I’m finished with the whole traject. For now on I will be looking forward to a great year containing these words: (So I didn’t made a list with good intentions)

  • Creative
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Patience
  • Respect
  • Relaxing
  • Dare

My three best blogs of last year? (even though I’m only back since end october) are:

  1. Pupa Milano Gouden topcoat
  2. DM Balea advent kalender
  3. Instagrammers advent kalender

Now back to the bloggershop give away what this blog is about. I’m following Celine from the beautyboulevard for a while now, Celine asked me if I wanted to join this  fun and big give aways. Since I always like to thank my readers and followers I said yes immideatly. Celine organizes this blog hop together with Tessa from Daily Inception who I was also following already.

What is a bloggershop? In a bloggershop you will be forwarded true a colleque blogger who is also forwarding you to another one till the circle with all the comleting bloggers is complete.

With a fun bloghop you also need a fun give away!!

So what is my give away:

Since I mainly blog about beauty, there is one of the most important things to stay beauty? Cleansing your skin right!! Thats why I’m giving away a delicious cleansing package containing 8 different products worth €12,00. The package is completly vegan and contains products for the normal & mixed skin and for the dry & sensitive skin. Also fun to share with your bestie!

The package contains the next products:

  • Cleanse towels 3 in 1 refressing (25 pieces)
  • Cleanse towels 3 in 1 caring (25 pieces)
  • Soft cleansingfoam 150 ml
  • Mild cleansingfoam 150 ml
  • Refreshing washgel 150 ml
  • Soft wascreme 150 ml
  • Refreshing facewater 200 ml
  • Caring facewater 200 ml

What do you have to do to win:

There are multiple ways and changes to win.

  1. Follow me on Instagram, and comment on the give away post of mine, tag at least one friend in there (more tagging is more changes)
  2. Follow me on facebook, and comment on the give away post of mine, tag at least one friend in there (more tagging is more changes)
  3. Read my bloggershop post on my website (which your doing right now) and comment below (don’t forget to tell your friend to do this also)


If you are joining in all three ways, I’m writing your names three times on too!

PS: This give away is just for the Netherlands & Belgium

Are you feeling lucky today and want to give it a change on a different give away too? Then go to the blog from Thatslife , Daan is a cool mom who blogs about lifestyle, the motherhood and losing weight (we can all relate to the last one right?) You can win a deliouce package from a brand we all love, so join the give away fast (but first finish my blog lol)

Getting out of bed with your right leg tommorow? Then join the give away from Daily Inception.tomorrow

You can enter this give away till Sunday the 14th Januar 12:00


I would like it if you left a comment on my blog

33 Replies to “Bloggershop giveaway”

  1. Ik doe heel erg graag mee! Erg ik woon dichtbij de Duitse grens. Maar ik kom er weinig omdat het te vermoeiend is als je ziek bent. Als het echt gaat bevallen. Dan kunnen mijn vriendinnen eindelijk Wat Voor me doen

  2. De beste wensen!
    Leuk en ik doe heel graag mee omdat ik zoveel goeds over dit merk lees op diverse blogs….
    Ik zou dolgraag deze te winnen producten willen testen…..
    Ben er zo benieuwd naar.
    Alles doe ik wat nodig is.

    Insta.: @chucky1012

    Fb.: Ike Hassankhan


  3. Wat een mooie steekwoorden voor aankomend jaar! Komt erg overheen met wat wil ook graag meer wil gaan ervaren. De actie is trouwens ook helemaal top.

  4. \allereerst de beste wensen. Lijkt me een fijn pakket! Laatst voor het eerst wat van dit merk gebruikt en ik was enthousiast. Zou graag met meer producten kennis maken, dus ik doe graag mee.

  5. IK had die dm adventskalender ook wel willen hebben, gaaf dat je die had! leuke populaire posts ! Ik wil graag meedoen met de winactie, want ik ben dol op Balea en heb nieuwe gezichts reinigers nodig haha

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