Kiko bubble mask

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Today maskthursday is about a mask I already bought a while ago. During Black friday Kiko had a 3 buy + 3 free sale. I bought a lot of stuff and afcourse this bubble maker mask. This is the first time for me I tried a mask from Kiko Milano and I’m so curious. I am a big fan of their make-up products and especially their nailpolish. The bubble maker is a purifying facemask in […]

25 January 2018

Balea candy lips

Beauty, Shopping

The christmasdays are not only a present for me, but they also come in good for my beauty blog. From my parents I got this Balea giftset with 3 different lipproducts from Balea candy lips. The candy lips set contains a lipgloss, a lippeeling and a lipbalm. The candy lips lipgloss contains pink glittters, and give the lips a soft care and a enchanting shine. The lipgloss is also good as a topcoat for the […]

23 January 2018

Cavitation treatment at RoseMarie Institute

Beauty, Health

My third throwback on saturday blog is about a cavitation treatment. When I started my fromcouchgirltofitnessgirl blog my main subject was beauty treatmens to slim down/shape up. I liked to try out a few treatments to write a review about it if they really work, or that they are just to good to be true. What do you know about cavitation? Probaly like me before this treatment not that much. Yes, I did saw a […]

20 January 2018

60 second manicure

Beauty, Health, Shopping

For christmas I asked for some things from the Tuinen also known as Holland & Barrett, they sell great products like those from the Beauty Kitchen. Since a while I went from unknown to a big fan of products from The Beauty Kitchen. I like to make my own stuff and products. You can buy a package with all the ingredients you need and make your own lipgloss with it. I love this, espacially for […]

16 January 2018

Fotoshoot with Roxanne Letterie


My second throwback on saturday post is about my photoshoot(s) when I was a ”model” Way back I applied myself for a photoshoot in the Panorama which I eventually did. From this photo I did some modelling, but more as a hobby instead of a good payed Doutzen model (I wish) In this blog I tell you all about my photoshoot with Roxanne Letterie. At the moment my modelling is on a big break Where […]

13 January 2018