Dear Diary…

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I actually set is as a goal for next year to go from one time a week blogging to twice a week. Why? Because I have so much stuff at home waiting to be reviewed. If you follow me on Instagram you have probaly seen I have a hugh stash of face masks posted. And before we go any further I have to commit I bought a lot more on Black Friday, because we all […]

28 November 2017

Flash Reshape – The start

Fitness, Health

As y’all maybe seen on my Facebook or Instagram i’ve decided to pick up my healthy lifestyle program again. After ending the Gymking program I didn’t fall back to my old habitats (which I’m very proud of) but I maintained it on a low track. I didn’t lost any weight since, but I also didn’t gain any weight, known as the jojo effect. I am not going to talk about exact numbers of my weight […]

9 November 2017