60 second manicure

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For christmas I asked for some things from the Tuinen also known as Holland & Barrett, they sell great products like those from the Beauty Kitchen. Since a while I went from unknown to a big fan of products from The Beauty Kitchen. I like to make my own stuff and products. You can buy a package with all the ingredients you need and make your own lipgloss with it. I love this, espacially for […]

16 January 2018

Go with the flow mud face mask

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As you can read in the Title this review is about the Go with the flow mud facemask, I visit the Heme regularly to see if they have new facemasks in their assortiment. Someotimes I find one, like this mask. This mask has a different manual then most of the masks have: Before you use a facemask you have to clean your face always, you can do this with warm water en dry your face […]

11 January 2018

Selfiemaskers from the Action

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My reviews from the Action are getting more each week, because they have so much nice stuff for great prices. In the DM stores (Germany) I already bought a panda and tiger facemask, I do have to make a review of those! But now they have these great theme masks at the Action too, selfiemasks! In my Action (Heerhugowaard) I found these designs: Mexican skull design (granaatappel, works hydrating) Butterfly design (wilde roos, works cleansing) […]

4 January 2018

Bloggershop giveaway

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First of all I would like to wish y’all a Merry Christmas, 2017 flew by very fast and was a very moving year for me with lots of emotions and events. My planning was to start blogging again in 2018 and I am so happy I took this step already in Oktober 2017. Actually I thought of blogging about a throwback to last year, but thinking back to a lot of stuff made so much emotions […]

2 January 2018

Dr van der Hoog Avocado mask

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It is a while ago I applied myself at Dr van der Hoog, since I am a big fan of face masks this is the perfect panel for me to apply to. You have to answer a few questions so they know what your skintype is and you only recieve the products that fits to your skintype. The first mask I recieved from Dr van der Hoog is a crememask avocado, this mask is for […]

28 December 2017