Fotoshoot with Roxanne Letterie

Beauty / Saturday, January 13th, 2018

My second throwback on saturday post is about my photoshoot(s) when I was a ”model” Way back I applied myself for a photoshoot in the Panorama which I eventually did. From this photo I did some modelling, but more as a hobby instead of a good payed Doutzen model (I wish) In this blog I tell you all about my photoshoot with Roxanne Letterie.

At the moment my modelling is on a big break

Where I used to have a photoshoot every weekend, I now only shoot once every month or two months. Not because I dont like it any more, but because the offer of models on facebook grew so much. When a photographer searches a model now, more dan 50 models apply on thet post. And to be fair my confection size doesn’t always fit in most of the model calls. Besides that the photographers are selective for their model, I also got more selective and only want to do photoshoots that will outshine my previous work.

End april 2015 I had my first photoshoot with Roxanne, I got to know her as a model when I organized a shootweekend to Doel in Belgium.

Roxanne moved to the other side of the camera and is a great photographer now! I am so so proud of these photo’s because I love beauty shoots but these are a bit fashion too.

fotoshoot met roxanne letterie
Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future
fotoshoot met roxanne letterie
We somethimes think we want to dissapear, but all we really want is to be found

Photographer Marco Nomikos, who was also at the shootweekend back then, was also present on this shoot and made some stunning pictures too.

Marco his style is way different then the one from Roxanne. He often works with themes and stories with a darker side in it. I always like to with with Marco because he always makes these great pictures.

fotoshoot met marco nomikos
How beautiful is it to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged


You can check her Facebook page and website for more info and pictures



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  1. Wat een prachtige foto’s ook! Je ziet het wel wakker hoor dat modellen achter de camera kruipen (mijn achternichtje is er een van). Leuk joh dat je modellenwerk doet!

    Ik heb ooit een poging gewaagd als model.. Maar nee niks voor mij.

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