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Beauty, Health, Shopping / Thursday, January 4th, 2018

My reviews from the Action are getting more each week, because they have so much nice stuff for great prices.

In the DM stores (Germany) I already bought a panda and tiger facemask, I do have to make a review of those! But now they have these great theme masks at the Action too, selfiemasks!

In my Action (Heerhugowaard) I found these designs:

  • Mexican skull design (granaatappel, works hydrating)
  • Butterfly design (wilde roos, works cleansing)
  • Venetian mask design (bosbes, works softening)

The mask packages are so colourfull, but I hope I can make the 4,791 likes on it.


All of the masks have the same instructions:

  • Cleanse the skin
  • Apply the mask and leave the eyes, nose and mouth free
  • Leave the mask on for around 15-20 minutes
  • Take a selfie and share it on social media with the hastag #selfiemask
  • Remove the mask and massage the rest of the serum in your skin (cleanse with water)


When you are going to use a face mask then think about these next tips and preperations:

  • Remove all of your face make-up
  • If you cleanse your skin before applying use hot water so your pores will open. Doing this the mask also works better.
  • Also cleanse your hands before applying the mask (also with sheetmasks), because of the bacteries on your hands.
  • When you cleanse your face afterward, do this with cold water to close the pores again.. Also use a clean towel and dont dry your face with the same towel as your hands.


De Mexican skull design contains the next ingredients:

Aqua * Propanediol * Glycerin * Hydroxyethyl urea * Betaine * 1-2 Hexanediol * Pentylene glycol * Hydroxyacetophenone * Punica granatum fruit extract * Niacinamide * Xanthan gum * Melissa officinalis flower/leaf/stem water * Mentha piperita leaf water * Rosmarinus officinalis leaf water * Chondrus crispus extract * Phenoxyethanol * Panthenol * Allantoin * Dipotassium glycyrrhizate * Hydroxyethylcellulose * PEG0-40 Hydrogenated castor oil * Propylene glycol * Parfum * Sodium hyaluronate * Chlorphenesin * Saccharide isomerate * Sodium dehydroacetate * Butylene glycol * Citric acid * Trideceth-9 * Menthol * Sodium citrate * Caprylyl glycol *

mexican skull masker

De Butterfly design contains the next ingredients:

Water * Propanediol * Glycerin * 1-2 hexanediol * Corn gluten amino acids * Pentylene glycol * Rosa canina fruit extract * Melissa officinalis flower/leaf/stem water * Sodium ascorbyl phosphate * Xylitylglucoside * Mentha piperita leaf water * Panthenol * Sodium lactate * Xanthan gum * Sodium gluconate * Rosmarinus officinalis leaf water * Hydroxyacetophenone * Phenoxyethanol * Allatoin * Dipotassium glycyrrhizate * Hydroxyethylcellulose * Sacccharide isomerate * PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil * Anhydroxylitol * Xylitol * Parfum * Benzoic acid * Glucose * Trideceth-9 * Citric acid * Sodium citrate * Menthol * Butylene glycol * Propylene glycol * Caprylyl glycol * Ethylhexyglycerin *

butterfly design masker

De Venetian mask design contains the next ingredients:

Aqua * Propanediol * Glycerin * Sodium lactate * Corn gluten amino acids * 1-2 Hexanediol * Pentylene glycol * Niacinamide * Lactococcus/milk ferment lysate * Vaccinium angustifolium fruit extract * Hydroxyacetophenone * Xanthan gum * Dipotassium glycyrrhizate * Allantoin * Panthenol * Phenoxyethanol * Lactic acid * Hydroxyethylcellulose * Saccharide isomerate * PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil * Parfum * Citric acid * Sodium citrate * Butylene glycol * Ethylhexylglycerin *

venetian mask design masker

I likes these masks, all of the design are super fun to wear and make fun selfies with. I did found the masks a bit wet and drip down my face so you could squeeze the mask a bit before using it, and keep a towel with you to dry your hands and neck with afterwards.

You can buy these selfiemasks at the Action for a price of €0,99 each.

If you would like to read another mask review, I wrote one about a Dr van der Hoog avocado masker last week.

Are you using a facemask? If yes, which one?


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  1. Haha het geeft zon grappig effect! Ik vond je selfie op insta ook geniaal! Dit zijn wel lekkere maskers voor tussendoor inderdaad, maar voor echt effect zou ik voor je avocado masker gaan!

  2. Hou hoi, kindjes willen alles nadoen. Wat mama doet. Denk je dat dat met deze leuke maskers ook zou kunnen? Want van die andere krijgt ze wel eens een likje op haar hoofd en neus om dat ze dat prachtig vindt. Maar zou dat met deze ook kunnen want ze bedekken het hele gezicht natuurlijk.

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