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Beauty, Shopping / Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

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My review from this week is about the T.LeClerc eyeshadow palette I recieved from Care Cosmetics.

Not everyone is familiar with this brand because it is mainly sold in pharmacy’s, beautysalons and online. The brand is founded by farmacist Theofile LeClerc who started his own pharmacy in 1881. The brand has a quite large make-up line by now.

T.LeClerc oogschaduw palette: No2 Du Matin Au Soir

The palette contains 10 different colours, a doublesided brush and a mirror. A few shades contain glitters and a few are nude colours. I found the palette beautifull because it has so much different colours, and not just brown shades. I love that I can make a lot of different looks with this palette.

T LeClerc palette

T LeClerc palette

I used the palette for the first time on christmas eve combined with the Pupa Milano golden topcoat.

I am very satisfied about the pigment of the colours. They all blend in perfectly, but from the glitter eyeshadow you do need a bit more because of the fall-out (so watch out!)

What I always do when an eyeshadow had fall-out I use a layer of loose white powder under my eyes, which I can swipe away with a brush withoud leaving any stains.

T LeClerc swatch 1 T LeClerc swatch2 T LeClerc swatch3

You can buy the palette at Bol.com for €39,56


















Would you like to see more eyelooks with this palette? 


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  1. Ik vind het een beetje duur voor de pigmentatie die je krijg, ziet er wat vlekkerig uit in de swatches. Dan ga ik liever bij Nyx of Kiko langs voor een budgetproof palette of betaal ik liever 10 euro meer voor eentje van Urban Decay.

  2. Hi,
    Ik heb zelf niet zoveel met oogschaduw, maar het resultaat op de foto ziet er mooi uit.
    Wat goed dat je je naam hebt aangepast. Ik hoop dat je hier nu geen twijfels meer over hebt en dat het nu helemaal passend voelt!

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