Valentine blog: Sweetheart mask

Beauty, Health, Shopping / Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Because today is Valentine, I decided to treat you to an extra blog. Luckily I found the perfect item for this blog. The sweetheart mask from the Hema.

The sweetheart mask is a limited edition

This is a cleansing facemask which relaxes en destresses the skin with an combination of red clay and jasmine. The mask has to be applied on a still moisturized, cleansed skin. The mask needs around 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off.


hema sweetheart masker


From my previous Hema mask Go with the flow I got some rash

So I doubted a bit if the Hema mask were the right one for my skin. But since I also tried out a few withoud problems, I’ve decided to just try it out. The mask has a lovely sweetpink/babypink colour. When applying the mask I felt it heating up itself, but the heat wasn’t uncomfortable. Reaching a time of 10 minutes, the mask dripped a bit, so I removed it. Watch out the mask can give stains on your wascloth, so wash it out inmediatly if you don’t want any pink stains on it.


My skin feltt very soft inmediatly.

I’ve also had a few inpurities who came out after removing the mask, or where less visible. Is this a mask I would use again? I dont know if the mask will be in the collection again, since it’s a limited edition. But if it is, I would definitly buy it again.


The mask contains the next ingredients:

Propylene glycol * Zeolite * Kaolin * Glycerin * Cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose * Parfum * Cocos nucifera oil * Limone * Jasminum officinale flower extract * Panax ginseng root extract * Citrus grandis peel oil * Cereus grandiflorus flower extract * Juglans regia seed extract * Oenothera blennis oil * Citrus aurantifolia peel oil * CI-16035 *


hema sweetheart masker 2


The mask contains a package for a onetime use, containing 10ml. Price €1,75 at the Hema

Do you have any valentine plans?


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21 Replies to “Valentine blog: Sweetheart mask”

  1. Zo jammer dat je van het vorige maskertje uitslag kreeg. Gelukkig bevalt deze je beter. Ook goed dat je duidelijke instructies geeft ivm het aanbrengen en het verwijderen van het masker. Jammer dat het limited edition is, anders had ik het ook wel eens getest 🙂

  2. Onze plannen voor Valentijn: zometeen lekker met Ben&Jerries en FRIENDS op de bank 😉
    En wat grappig dat het masker uit zichzelf warm wordt, dat lijkt me een heel apart gevoel

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