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Balea candy lips

The christmasdays are not only a present for me, but they also come in good for my beauty blog. From my parents I got this Balea giftset with 3 different lipproducts from Balea candy lips.

The candy lips set contains a lipgloss, a lippeeling and a lipbalm.

The candy lips lipgloss contains pink glittters, and give the lips a soft care and a enchanting shine. The lipgloss is also good as a topcoat for the lipbalm

Since I gott this lipgloss I always carry it with me everywhere I go. I love the shine and the glitters are beautifull but not too much. This gloss is perfect for a make-up less day, if you still want to wear someothing. But this gloss is also perfect for a nude look. The tube contains 10ml.


The candy lips lipgloss contains the next ingredients:

Ricinus communis seed oil * Hydrogenated castor oil * Rhus vernicflua peel cera * Parfum * Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil * Simmondsia chinensis seed oil * Mica * Tocopherol * Tocopheryl acetate * CI-77891 * CI-77491 * Silica *

candy lips lipgloss

candy lips lipgloss swatch

The candy lips lippeeling gives your lips a delicious soft feeling.

When you often have dry lips this peeling would be the solution. The recommendend use is 2 to 3 times a week. Massage the product softly in and remove the remnants with a moisturized towel.

I have to say honestly, this is the first time I use a lippeeling. When I open the product I smell this delicious strawberry scent and I love the product already. The peeling feels like soft sugergrains but it also reminds me of anise sticks. The result after a onetime use, gives already a soft peeling. I will keep tthis product definitly on my make-up table where I can see it, so I dont forget it. The jar contains 15 ml.



The candy lips lippeeling contains the next ingredients:

Rininus communis seed oil * Sucrose * Lanolin * Cocos nucifera oil * Caprylic/Capric triglyceride * Cera alba * Hydrogenated castor oil * Copernicia cerifera cera * Butyrospermum parkii butter * Parfum * CI-77891 * Mica * Tocopheryl acetate * Tocopherol * CI-77491 * Silica *

candy lips lippeeling

candy lips lippeeling swatch

The candy lips lipbalm is definitly a product u should buy.

The sheabutter in the product gives the lips a delicious soft feeling and gives a light pink colour to the lips.

I am so addicited to al kinds of lipbalms. I love using EOS, Babylips, Labello but also the ones from DM Balea are one of my favourites. I actually have a different kind of lipbalm everywhere I go. I have one next to my bed, and two in my handbag. I also have a large stack around 20 pieces on my make-up table.

The product smell amazing, also like strawberries. Applying the lipbalm my lips feels soft already. I actually want to lick this balm off my lips because it smells so good! I do get the feeling this balm withdraws fast, it doesn’t give a too greasy feeling to the lips. The balm contains 4,8 gram.


De candy lips lipbalm contains the next ingredients:

Caprylic/Capric/Succinic triglyceride * Cera alba * Ricinus communis seed oil * Caprylic/Captric triglyceride * Helianthus annuus seed oil * C12-15 Alkyl benzoate * Butyrospermum parkii butter * Parfum * Mica * CI-77891 * Tocopherol * CI-77491 * Silica *

candy lips lipbalm

The only disadvantage from the Balea candy lips

I only saw these products in a set, and not loose for sale. I would like to buy the lipgloss faster than I need the lippeeling again.

You can buy this set at the DM drogerie (Germany) for only €3,95 which is a great prize.


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