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Bodywrap at Rose Marie Instituut

The last throwback blog is about a bodywrap. A while ago I saw a model call from Rose Marie. She was looking for a few models for her live stream on facebook and her own youtube channel.

I already now Rose Marie from 2 previous collaborations with some nice results. You can read those blogs here back:


Cavitatie, de tweede behandeling


I responded excited, and since I’ve already lost around 5kg with the Gymking programma, I already saw it at my belly it needed to get a bit tighter. And to be honest who would get a nice bodywrap treatment out of the way?

I chose to get my legs and belly wrapped, you can also get your ass done but that can stay nice and full according to my husband and me. Before the wrapping they will mark your legs to see where there is measured exactly. You will see these marks for around 1 week and then they will dissapear.


My measurements before the wrap:

Belly 112,5 cm

Leg 72,5 cm

Leg 74,5 cm


After this she rubed a creme into me and I got covered in seetrue foil.

After this you will get another round of foil into you and a blanket. Then you get to relax for around 30-45 minutes, the temperatures will get hotter untill you feel like your in a sauna. You can also combine this treatment with a facialtreatment off the excat dour of your wrap.

After this everything will be removed and the rest of the creme gets rubbed into your body, it is important not to shower for the first 24 hours!


After this another measurement follows:

Belly 108,5 cm

Leg 70,0 cm

Leg 71,5 cm

You could see a bit of a result right away, but the most important thing is to maintane this with a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise it will be back again before you know it. That why i measured a while later again.


These where the measurements 24 hours later:

Belly 106 cm

Leg 68,5 cm

Leg 71 cm

The most important result is one to two weeks later, is this treatment for a longer period or like the most body wraps for just a short of period. Just before writing this blog I measured again. This is two weeks later.


These where my endresults:

Belly 103 cm

Leg 68 cm

Leg 71 cm


I am very happy about this treatment and its result.

My belly has a total loss of 9,5 cm. And my legs lost 4,5 cm and 3,5 cm!


This blog contains a sponsored treatment, the content however is written after my own opinion.

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