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Cavitation treatment at RoseMarie Institute

My third throwback on saturday blog is about a cavitation treatment. When I started my fromcouchgirltofitnessgirl blog my main subject was beauty treatmens to slim down/shape up. I liked to try out a few treatments to write a review about it if they really work, or that they are just to good to be true.

What do you know about cavitation?

Probaly like me before this treatment not that much. Yes, I did saw a few facebook advertisements about cavitation in combination with lymfedraininge, but I didn’t look in to it that much. Just thinking about the word ”lymfedrainage” I got a visual thinking of all kinds of tubes draining from my body, and I would like to thank for that. On facebook I got in contact with Rose Marie, she made me a good offer to come bye in Bovenkarspel and I would get a cavitation treatment I could blog about. After a look on a website I could decline this and we made an appointment.

salon rosemarie
Salon from RoseMarie

Wednesday 12th August was our appointment day.

I decided to treat my legs, because this is my main problem area to loose fat and slim down. I weight myself in the morning and measured my legs on three differents places. Because it kan be different on both legs, I measured both legs.

Leftleg: 53 cm under – 61 cm middle – 71  cm upper

Rightleg: 52 cm under – 61 cm middle – 69 cm upper


There I went, on my way to Bovenkarspel, A place I had never heard of before. 

I still had a NS upgrade from second class to first class daycard, so I decided to use this for today. As a little child I waited full of expactations for my train, because untill now I only walked trough the first class to find a seat on my second class wagon. I saw a beautifull train, with clean chairs, cleans garbage cans and a quite space. But the only difference was that the seats had a different colour.

I had to make a change of train in Amsterdam Sloterdijk to get the train to Bovenkarspel Flora, the train looked very old from the outside, but the inside was just like my expactations I’ve written above. The first class had all these different cabins like in the movies with only 6 chairs. Between every chair was a power plug to charge your phone or laptop. I could close the doors and enjoy the quite room.

Arriving at the station Rose Marie waited for me, altough the salon wasn’t that far way. This was so kind! When I arrived at the salon I had to fill in this form first, because not all could undergo a cavitation treatment.

studio rose marie
Salon from RoseMarie

When is it not possible to undergo a cavitation treatment?


-When you have an active vascular disease

-When you have a pacemaker

-When you have trombose and/or tromboseflebitis


-When you use anticoagulanten

-When you’ve had a transpllantation

-When you are pregnant or have a pregnancywish

-When you have a large metal prothese



None of these aplly to me, so we could start the treatment.

Before we go any further I would like to tell about cavitation exactly. Cavitation is being done by a device called ”multi-cell”. Soundwaves go true a handpiece into the body, where they break fatcells (because of a proces with generated voltage) into a liquid or into the fattissue, because of this energy releases. This effects makes sure that te connections between fatcells break and works true a specific wice into the celwand to break a part of the fatcells. The fat that is being released is being taken in by a natural way into the lymfes or the bloodstreams, who transport it into the kidneys or liver and then leave the body true urine or feces. So actually the fat is being drained by your bodies natural way!

cavitatie Rose Marie
The cavitation device

The prices of cavitation are way different in each salon and cavitation device the salon uses. The prices from Rose Marie are:

120 euro for an half hour, for one zone

240 euro for an whole houre, for multiple zones

Depending on which area you want to treat you can see how many time or treatmens you need. Rose Marie can give a good advice in this.

Treatmens have a minimal time of 15 minutes till a maximum of 60 minutes. To support the proces it is important to drink at least 2 liters of water each day and keep moving your body.


You can treat every part of the body with a few exceptions:







-Zone around the anus

-Knee cavities


During the treatment I could ask a few questions to Rose Marie, and she told me about cavitation and what else she does.

Also Rose Marie was honest about the legs, that they are a large survace and definitly need more treatments. Rose Marie herself got into contact with cavitation on a events. She had a treatment done and was a total sceptist about this, had zero expectations but was so surprised the next day, that she contacted the company and asked for another treatments. Rose Marie was so excided she took the treatment into her salon.

Because cavitation is a bodyshapingsproces and not a slimming down products, Rose Marie set up a nutrition plan. She testes this with 10 volunteers who she new would definitly follow this plan. This is not a diet but more nutrition tips to eat good but also healthy. The results? At least 5 kg weight loss.


Back to my treatment.

I didn’t know what to expact about cavitation. The device really looked impressive. During the treamtent you hear the soundwaves going true your body, the feeling is hard to describe. It isn’t painfull, but it isn’t a numb feeling either. The whole way back home I thought about a description for this feeling.


Until today I couldn’t find a comparison for this feeling, maybe I should set up a guessthefeeling competion like on the radio guessthesound.

The only side effect from this treatment is that you get a few red bumps on your skin, but they are gone the next day. And another example that you can’t get rid of fat withoud excersizing it is important to raise your heartbeat for at least an half hour after this treatment.


After 24 hours I had the next measurement:

Leftleg: 49 cm under – 62 cm middle – 70 cm upper

Rightleg: 49 cm under – 60,5 cm middle – 69,5 cm upper



Measurement after 48 hours:

Leftleg: 49 cm under – 61 cm middle – 68 cm upper

Rightleg: 49 cm under – 59,5 cm middle – 68 cm upper



Measurement after 72 hours:

Leftleg: 48 cm under – 60 cm middle – 68 cm upper

Rightleg: 49 cm under – 60 cm middle – 68 cm upper


The results (drumrolls):

Leftleg: Minus 5 cm under – Minus 1 cm middle – Minus 3 cm upper

Rightleg: Minus 3 cm under – Minus 1 cm middle – Minus 1 cm upper

I am very satisfied about this treatment and already planned my second appointment! Did I get your interest?

I can make you an offer naming my blog!

→ The first treatment 10% discount

→ 6 treatments for the price of 5

→ 13 treatments for the price of 10

logo van RoseMarie

Rose Marie her salon is on the Hoofdstraat 246 in Bovenkarspel, for appointments you can contact her on  0228 512663


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This blog contains a sponsored treatment, the  content however is written after my own opinion.

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