Dr van der Hoog masker with bamboo and green tea

The mask I review today is from Dr van der Hoog. I am a big fan of Dr van der Hoog masks and when I saw a bunch last week at the Action, I inmidiatly bought 12 different masks. The first mask I’m going to review is the Beauty bamboo green tea mask.


Beauty bamboo green tea masker

First of all I really like the packaging of this mask, it always feels like a little present unboxing by opening the box for the sachet. The mask contains Green tea extracts and Bamboo which protects the skin from influences from the outside off, and they also work preventive for wrinkles. The Shea butter in the mask hydrates the skin works against skin aging. After this mask your skin should definitly feel soft and flexible again.


beauty bamboo green tea


How do you use this mask?

The mask contains a sachet with 10ml which you have to apply richly on your cleansed skin. After this you can set a timer on 10 or 15 minutes and relax for this time. The mask has to be removed with water (not to hot not to cold). For the best result Dr van der Hoog reccommends to use a face mask at least once a week.


beauty bamboo green tea


But what is my experience from this mask?

I really think the mask feels nice soft and cooling when I’m applying the mask, but what I found a bit dissapointing was the exotic experience they talked about on the packaging. I really mis a certain smell or colour to feel this exotic thing they’re talking about. But further the mask really does what is promises, my skin feels soft again after removing the mask. For this time I dont have a before – during and after picture because I was sick for a whole week. So I didn’t feel comfy at all taking some selfies.


beauty bamboo green tea


Would you like to read more about Dr van der Hoog masks I also have a review of their avocado mask, and from their macaron mask.

I bought this mask at the Action for only €0,99 but you can also buy this mask at the drugstore.



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