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Fotoshoot with Roxanne Letterie

Currently my model career is on a low pit. Where I normally used to do a photoshoot every weekend I now shoot around once a month or two months. Not because I do not find it fun anymore, but the offer of models on Facebook has grown so much. When there is askes somewhere for a model dozens of girl respond to this. And to be fair my confection size doesn’t always fit into what they search. Beside that I have also become a bit more selective in choosing my photographers so I can make work that outstands my previous work.

Late April I had my first photoshoot with Roxanne. I know here from a model weekend I organized in Doel – Belgium. Roxanne has switched to the other side of the camera and become a great photographer!! I am very proud of my pictures I made with here because I finale have some beautiful beauty photos with a tint of fashion in it. Here below two pictures from this photoshoot.

Photographer Marco Nomikos, who also participated in the shoot weekend, was also present during the shoot and eventually he also made a few pictures. Marco’s style is totally different than Roxanne’s. He often works with themes and stories which often has a dark twist. I always find it pleasant to work with Marco because I know I will always have a great picture.

In August I had my second photoshoot with Roxanne, she organized a beauty day with make-up artist Sanne Visscher. During this day there is for each model one hour time for make-up and one hour for shooting. Because I wanted to have some nice pictures for my blog website I asked Roxanne if she had some time this day. She had some time left at 11 o’clock so the next day I traveled to Rotterdam. I was kindly received by the make-up artist Sanne. Roxanne was at that time shooting with a different model. Right away I was put on the make-up chair. I was very pleased with the end look (see below). Once out of the chair straight ahead to the studio. Roxanne showed me some fun fitness poses which she had in mind for me. It was almost a real workout, and real fun to do!!

In the evening I immediately got a file containing the selection which Roxanne has made. From here I could choose my own selection. I chose a few and let the rest up to Roxanne. When I have the pictures I will use these for my own website. I am very curious to the outcome of this photoshoot.

Also interested in doing a photoshoot? Then Roxanne has a special offer: A photoshoot with make-up and hair included voor 85,- euros. You will get the 4 most beautiful pictures fully edited and retouched. If you name my blog, you will get an extra edited photo!!

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