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Garnier SkinActive juicy mask with lemon

I’ve tried out four different masks from the Garnier SkinActive line, these where the Volcano, Matcha, Aqua and Honey mask. The last mask I have from this line is the Juicy lemon mask.


Juicy lemon mask

This mask is suited for a skin with inpurities. The ingredients in this mask have a clearing effect because of the lemon extract, and a smoothmaking effect. Dit all without parabens in it! I myself have some inpurities in my skin, especially on my cheecks since I quit with the anti conception. Cleansing my skin every day and two to three times a week using a mask most definitly will help I’ve noticed.


juicy citroen


Jelly structure

The mask has a jelly structure, which kind of reminds me to the wackel puddings I used to buy in Germany. Actually this is the kind of structure I expected with the honey mask, and I would have expected a peel-off with this lemon mask. But the mask feels really soft, fresh and cooling on my skin, but it also stings a bit. Maybe this is because I’ve given my face a scrub before this, the pores where wide open because of this.


juicy citroen


Leave it on for five minutes

I found five minutes a bit short, because it went so fast by. The mask feels really nice on my skin, so I could definitly enjoy this for a whole 15 minutes. The mask washes of very easily with water. The result of this mask is that my skin has a light glow and feels really soft. For my inpurities it didn’t had that much of an effect. So I would definitly buy this mask again for a nice refreshing effect but not for my inpurities.


juicy citroen


Contains the next ingredients

Aqua * Hydroxyethyl Urea * Glycerin * Butylene Glycol * Hydroxyethylpiperazine Ethane Sulfonic Acid * Hydroxyethylcellulose * Adenosine * Benzyl Salicylate * Caprylyl Glycol * Carrageenan * CI-19140/Yellow 5 Citrus Limon Fruit Extract * Disodium Edta * Glycine * Glycolic Acid * Limonene * Linalool * Phenoxyethanol * PPG-6-Decyltetradeceth-30 * Rhamnose * Sodium Hyaluronate * Sodium Hydroxide * Tocopherol * Parfum *


You can buy this mask for €1,99

Which one of the five mask would you want to use?



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