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Relaxing with the cucumber eye pads

A few days ago I told you abot my first cleaning ritual with the first step the Balea porenfein peeling and the second step with the Balea porenfein 3 minuut masker This third step is about the under-eye care with cucumber pads.


Cucumber eye pads

With this I don’t mean the selfcut pieces cucumber on your eyes, alto that is very nice for the eyes too. These pads are all set and done for a refreshing and hydrating feeling feeling for under your eyes. Before you use the pads it is important to cleanse your skin as I already did with step one and two. Please watch out you don’t use these pads to close on your your eyes! When placed right enjoy these pads for the whole 30 minutes. After removing throw the pads away! The can’t be used again.




The pads feel a bit cold applying them

But I kind of like this feeling. The pads stick well right away and feel really moisturized. At first I thought 30 minutes was a bit too long. The eyepads I normally use from the DM only need 10-15 minutes, but they are a whole different structure tho, a bit silicone feeling. After the 30 minutes the pads are feeling really tight under my eyes, when I want to remove the pads I notice that they are totally dry! I don’t know why I thought this was weird. But I expected them to be still wet like the sheetmasks also stays moisturized removing them. De skin under my eyes are definitly a lot better after this.



Before – During and after pictures

You can really see the improvement from my skin under the eyes. The dark places are a lot less then before. The skin under my eyes also looked way tighter then before. These pictures are from the first time I used this pads, so I’m really curious to see what they can do for me as I’m going to use them regularly now.



Before – During and after pictures from my second time

I could really see the improvement when I used them for the first time, but the second time also! But this time the pads where still a bit moisturized after the 30 minutes. I think my skin didn’t need that much as the first time. I hope you can see the results as much as I did because the phone camera doesn’t capture it that well.




Contains the next ingredients

Water * Glycerin * Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract * Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract * Panthenol * Sodium PCA * Hydroxyethylcellulose * Allantoin * Sodium Hyaluronate * Citric Acid * Phenoxyethanol *


You can buy these pads at the Action for €0,99 containing 4 sets

Do you like to use cooling pads under your eyes?



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