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Taking care of my lips with a hydrogel lipmask

If I have to name someothing I don’t like at all, these would be my lips, I really find my lips are way to thin. If I would do someothing about it I actually don’t know because I have this huge fear of neadles. Maybe this hydrogel lipmask would help for fuller lips.


Hydrogel lip mask

The mask promises to hydrate the lips, soften them and make them fuller. HOW? Just by wearing the mask for the whole 15-20 minutes and massaging the rest of the serum in. This just for the price of €0,49 cents at the Action. So this has to be tested!



The packaging is most definitly a pluspoint

I really like the cute pink packaging. The lipmask is also nice packed. Opening the plastic package you find the lipmask in this plastic box packed. The mask feels really slimy and slippery. It is definitly a bit getting used to this feeling with the lipmask on, most definitly that you cant speak for 15-120 minutes. My husband likes this lipmask SO MUCH!!


Before the lipmask


With the lipmask on


After the lipmask


The mask doesn’t stick that well

The mask slipped away for two times before it stayed on for around 15 minutes and slipped down again. By that time I was so done with the mask I wouldn’t want to try it again. The lipmask went a bit cold and tintling during the 15 minutes and my lips are feeling really soft too. But if I can say that my lips get fuller by this. Most definitly not! I wouldn’t buy this mask again, because I’m missing the expected full effect, but also because the mask slipped away the whole time. But for the €0,49 cents you can’t really say it was a misbuy.


Contains the next ingredients

Aqua * Glycerin * Butylene Glycol * Ceratonia Siliqua Gum * Sucrose * Pentylene Glycol * Agar * Xanthan Gum * Chondrus Crispus Powder * Cellulose Gum * Allantoin * Sodium Hyaluronate * Hydrolyzed Gelatin * Disodium Edta * Ascorbyl Glucoside * Menthol * PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil * Sodium Hydroxide * Phenoxyethanol * Propylene Glycol * Ethylhexylglycerin * Methylparaben * Ethylparaben * Parfum *


How do you take care of your lips?



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