Ole Hendriksen sauna scrub for your face

In my GOODIEBOXNL blog I’ve told you that I would review a few products seperate like the Sleek contour kit and the Ole Hendriksen sauna face scrub. I’ve tried the products for a few weeks now to make my review.


Ole Hendriksen

This typical Danisch brand was in my GOODIEBOX from the month March. I was so curious when I recieved this because the brand is a bit unknown in the Netherlands till. But the words Sauna and Scrub where convinsing enough for me. The Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub is for a balanced skin. The scrub reduces oil and reduces pores.


ole hendriksenole hendriksen


How do you use the Facial Sauna Scrub?

I use the scrub when I’m almost done under the shower on a still moisturized skin. I massage the scrub in with curculating rounds on my skin. When the scrub comes in contact with the skin you feel it’s getting hot inmidiatly. The first time I was so surprised about this, the feeling is quite special and hard to describe. I did found the heat of the scrub quite nice to feel and not too much. Before I wash it off I let it on for around 5 minutes.


ole hendriksenole hendriksen


What are the effects of the Sauna Scrub?

The inpurities of my skin are definitly less, my skin feels a lot softer and got a more healthier glow. I am definitly going to use this product two times a week, and buy it again when it’s empty.


Plus points

  • Visible effect
  • Prize/quality
  • Delicious scent


Min points

  • You can’t buy it everywhere in the Netherlands
  • The scrub is a bit hard to get out of the tube, in the beginning its a bit watery too.


Contains the next ingredients:

PEG-400 * Kaolin * Zeolite * Volcanic sand * Glyceryl stearate * Butylene glycol * Cetearyl alcohol * Aqua * Glycerin * Cetearyl glucoside * Phenoxyethanol * Glycolic acid * Lactic acid * Melia azadirachta seed oil * Linoleic acid * Caprylyl glycol * Eucalyptus globulus leef oil * Mentha piperita (peppermint) oil * Enantia chlorantha bark extract * Macrocystis pyrifera (kelp) extract  Eucalyptus globulus leef extract * Chondrus crispus (carrageenan) extract * Camellia sinensis leaf extract * Linolenic acid * Hexylene glycol * Ethylhexylglycerin decyl glucoside * Tocopherol * Oleanolic acid * Limonene *


You can buy the sauna scrub for €28,00 (a tube containing 85gr)

What do you think of the sauna scrub, would you want to try it?



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