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Pupa Milano im Matt lipsticks

I always find it hard to find a nice and good lipstick. Most of all I don’t like the colours on me, or I had the feeling I did someothing wrong because it didn’t last long.

A change came when I recieved this nice press package.

The package contained 4 beautiful lipsticks from the brand Pupa Milano. The brand made a complete new lipstick line with only Matt colours. The collection contains 16 beautiful matt colours defided in 4 categories with each 4 colours. From each category I recieved one colour, these are the ones with a * behind it.

pupa milano im matt


These are the four categories:

  • Natural & Brown
  • Mauve
  • Fuchsia & Violet
  • Red & Burgundy


Natural & Brown contains the next colours:

  • No 010 Delicate *
  • No 011 Intense Nude
  • No 012 Angel Rose
  • No 013 Brown Rose


pupa milano im matt


pupa milano im matt

pupa milano im matt


Mauve contains the next colours:

  • No 030 Mystery Rose
  • No 031 Magenta Rose
  • No 032 Fancy Mauve
  • No 033 Bewitched plum *


pupa milano im matt

pupa milano im matt


Fuchsia & Violet contains the next colours:

  • No 050 Runway Fuchsia *
  • No 051 Blue Fuchsia
  • No 052 Savage Cyclamen
  • No 053 Dangerous Violet


pupa milano im matt

pupa milano im matt

pupa milano im matt


Red & Burgundy contains the next colours:

  • No 070 Coral Red
  • No 071 True Red
  • No 072 Velvet Ruby
  • No 073 Irresistible Burgundy *


pupa milano im matt

pupa milano im matt

pupa milano im matt


The lipsticks contain a high concentration of pure pigments combined with wax and elastomeerpowders.

That mix makes a beautiful colourresult with a silky and matt effect. The oil and wax combined with softning ingredients makes sure you get a deep and longlasting hydrating which makes the lips feels soft and feeded.

The lipsticks are free of parabens and are dermalogical tested.

I am very satisfied about the lipsticks

The lipsticks feels really soft when applying, the pigmentation is just perfect. The colour will last for almost the whole day, even after drinking and/or eating. I expected that most of the colours wouldn’t match on my, but I like all of the colours I recieved. I used the Runway Fuchsia on valentine, the Delicate Nude on the Cosmo event, the Irresistible Burgundy to the Rai and the Bewitched plum on a day out. I am definitly going to see for some more colours and maybe make my collection complete.

You can buy the lipsticks online or in some stores.

The price is pp €18,25. Want to search for a Pupa Milano sales point?


Tip: Use the lipstick from the inside to the outside, complete the look with a lippencil.


What do you think of the Pupa I’m Matt lipsticks?


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