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Urtekram nettle, brown sugar & tea tree

URTEKRAM is one of my first brands I’ve got to collaborate with true a PR bureau. This has been 6 months ago and my blog has growth a lot. This blog is about my second collaboration with Urtekram.



In my first URTEKRAM blog I told you a bit about the brand itself. This blog is about the three different shampoo’s for a sensitive/irritated scalp. I myself have got a bit of complainments with my scalp because of the psoriasis. From the doctor en dermatologist I recieved a lot of different products through the years with a lot of bad stuff in it. They damaged my hair more than did good to it. For now I have found a few shampoo’s I can buy without prescription and make my skin a lot calmer already. For this blog im testing out three different shampoo’s too see which one is matching the best.


Tea tree shampoo

This shampoo is for an irritated scalp. The tea three, lavendel and magnolia bark in this shampoo will nurture your hair, and the natural aloe vera and glycerine will keep the hair nice and moisturized. This is the first out of the three shampoos I started to test with. I think this shampoo smells really fresh and for a natural shampoo it foams really good too.


Brown sugar shampoo

The second shampoo I’ve tested is the brown sugar, this one is aspecially for the dry scalp. The natural sugars in this shampoo wil give your scalp a softening effect and keeps the scalp in balance too. This shampoo smells more neutral. I also think this shampoo makes my hair a bit dryer than normally.


Nettle shampoo

The last shampoo I’ve tested wasn’t really my favorite because I have bad experience with nettle shampoos. But perhaps this one was really good. This shampoo is against the flaking of your scalp. Nettles has been used for a thousend of years as a medicine, to give your scalp new energy but also for the flaking of your scalp. For a nettle shampoo I think this shampoo smells pretty good.


Three months of testing

I’ve been testing each shampoo for 1 month now. Someotimes in combination with a different shampoo because my long hair will stay a bit dry. The shampoo I liked the most is definitly the Tea tree shampoo. For the itchy feeling this shampoo worked out the best! The effect of the shampoo stays for around 2 to 3 days so I wash my hair around 2 times a week (unless I get this itchy feeling earlier). My husband also loves this Tea tree shampoo! He had a bit of nettle problems but they have almost dissapeared everywhere!! The second place shampoo is the nettle shampoo, this one is also good for the itching but didn’t really reduce the flakes on my scalp. The third place shampoo is the sugar shampoo, this does take care of your scalp but made the rest of my hair a bit dry.


You can buy the shampoo’s for around €6,00 each (a large package containing 500ml), I really think this is a good price for the given qualitity.

Besided that the shampoo does its promised work they are also cruelty free and vegan, so if you really like to be aware of what you buy, I would definitly recommend these too.



This blog contains products from a collaboration, the content however is always written after my own opinion.


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