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Coffee bodyscrub

I already had this coffee scrub for a while in house, luckily I went from one times a week blogging already to three times a week because otherwise this product would still be in line for someowhere next year and that would be a waste of all the beautifull products still waiting to be reviewed.

There are 4 different kinds in total:

  • Amandeloil coffeescrub
  • Kokosoil coffeescrub
  • Peppermint coffeescrub
  • Vanilla coffeescrub

Sadly my Kruidvat store didn’t had all of theme, I bought the vanilla and cocos (Yes, I love everything with cocos in it). De vanilla promisses a relaxing feeling while showering and the coconut a tropical feeling. You have to rub the scrub good in your skin (you could use a special scrub glove for this) because of the scrubbing your skin gets a good bloodflow and a it also has a firming effect. After using the scrub your skin feels really soft and smooth and like the name already says it, it leaves a delicious vanilla or cocos scent.



Why use a scrub?

Because your skin makes everyday and the whole day new skincells, it takes around one month (4 weeks) before are your skincells are renewed. A large part of your dead (old) skincells are lost by natural ways but long not all of them. With scrubbing you remove the rest of the dead skincells and it also makes your new skincells good visible, which you get to see in a more smooth and skiny skin. Notice is its important you dont scrub to much, keep it on one time a week but if you forget it most of the time 2 times a month is also enough! When you scrub it has a even better effect when you use a scrubglove, make circeling movement but not to rough. Are you also going to wax your body that day? Please wait with this after te scrubbing!

I liked the scent of these scrubs, not to dominant and they are easy to use. I liked the package for one time use, so you don’t get to much open packages, but for the invorement I think large size products are good too. Price comparison the Kruidvat also has a scrub for €1,99 containing 200ml, It takes around 2 months for me to empty that bottle with a use of time a week. If I would use this scrub for 1 time a week it would cost me €8,00 every 2 months. A other disadvantage is that there is a lot of scrub sticking to the sides of the package, with a jar you could remove this easier. I am still part Dutch who wants to get all of it. I still would like to try the Amandeloil and the peppermint, would you like to see a review of those too?

You can buy the coffee body scrub at the Kruidvat

The price is €0,99 for one package containing 40 grams.

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Do you also use a bodyscrub? If yes, which one?


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